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International Center For

Athletic Financial Education


The International Center for Athletic Financial Education (ICAFE) is an independent center that is 100% dedicated to helping athletes, particularly college and professional athletes, establish patterns for money decisions that create lifetime wealth for them as well as their families. We work with colleges, universities, team organizations, or individuals to design economic success at both the institutional and individual level. Our programs and services help athletes set clear intentions, execute powerful money decisions, create powerful family dynamics to support career success, and apply the discipline they have learned from their athletic activities to enhance their financial platform. We offer web based and on-site workshops and seminars, business development programs, individual strategic planning, and institutional level training.


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Dr. Crystal D. Gifford, CFP®, is the President of the ICAFE. Featured in CFO Magazine, Dr. Gifford is a financial strategist who shows professional athletes how to make powerful money decisions that allow them to fully enjoy their earnings now and in the future. She is an international best selling author, and author of “The Money Makeover: How To Easily Get Out of Debt, Create Wealth, and Leverage Passive Income” as well as her upcoming book, The Money Shot, releasing mid-May 2015. She is a published author in both the entrepreneurial and the academic environments, and continues to grow her influence on a global scale.

Dr. Gifford has more than 16 years experience in the financial services industry, a doctorate in accounting, and is a Certified Financial Planner™ since 2008. Her passion for supporting athletes was born in her college classroom at an HBCU—Historically Black Colleges and Universities—where she worked with her students after class who were going pro to help them build a sustainable income plan as they prepared to join the elite of the NFL. She now travels to universities across The Americas to facilitate workshops for athletes both at the university institutions and for professional athlete clubs.


The ICAFE’s core curriculum is designed to create a consistent baseline upon which athletes can build their financial future, whether they go pro or pursue careers in their university-focused disciplines. Athletes who complete our programs develop skills that allow them to:

  • Eliminate money stress tied to uncertainty for the future
  • Focus on game (and academic) performance
  • Build flexibility into their schedules with better money management
  • Have more time to focus on what they really want (i.e. getting a job or the next endorsement deal)
  • Feel confident in choosing whom to trust to support them in their goals
  • Learn how to say “No” when it is necessary
  • Deal with family dynamics that may normally distract them from their purpose
  • Develop quick-decision habits that lead to ultimate economic success
  • Activate the several other benefits of understanding the money game

Because these foundational skills are so critical to financial success and athletes tend to already have the skills many others lack, such as discipline, focus, and drive, the money skills taught through our programs increase their likelihood of success above that of other sub-groups. However, because many tend to be so focused on their sport during their college years, the ability to manage money once they graduate is often lost in the sea of “busy-ness”. Especially for those athletes who do go pro, this statistic is worse because they suddenly have many others offering to “help” and waiting until that time may leave them vulnerable as there is so much adjustment for them to make at that time. We circumvent the “noise” by teaching them these basic money principles in a way that they become second nature for the athletes. Additionally, we have ongoing services to support them through transition from the field (or court) to life after the game.


For colleges, universities, organization and team clubs, the ICAFE provides training, mentoring, and supportive communities for athletes, faculty, trainers, coaches, and staff. Specifically, we provide a service that is often missing for athletes, especially at the professional level, in which they are educated on money matters by mentors who have no intention to take over the investing of their funds once the relationship is established. Instead, we provide:

  • Financial education training that is focused on increasing lifetime wealth while allow athletes to enjoy their earnings now
  • A team of financial professionals dedicated to teaching these athletes and their supporting mentors how to prosper in their money matters so they can offer their best performance in the game
  • A “safe space” for sharing money concerns and getting their questions answered about money matters, and life concerns around growing wealth
  • Support for issues more focused on how they can earn their worth as players and after leaving the game
  • Guidance through the transition process from the game to the “real world”
    Education for supporting members, including family and friends, so athletes can build a network of encouragement around them to boost the power of their dollars earned


For universities and team clubs that want to make the ICAFE resources available to their athletes, staff, faculty and other supporting members, our Institutional Membership provides them access to:

  • Weekly Money Mastery Tips
  • Twelve monthly core training virtual workshops
  • Twelve monthly guest expert virtual workshops
  • Skill-building resources
  • Private Discussion Forum for peer-mentoring & problem solving
  • Monthly accountability partner connections
  • All of our offerings are recorded and transcribed so that faculty can access audio, slides, and transcripts at their convenience.


Our Money Playbook Program is an intensive virtual bootcamp where athletes work directly with our Elite Money Mentors in small groups to learn how to implement the strategies we are teaching them. The program is for athletes who care about creating financial success upon graduation into their careers, whether this be pro athlete careers or other, discipline-based careers. These athletes are looking to begin their careers with the knowledge and wisdom that usually comes with age and time, and they want to fast track themselves to financial success. For athletes who plan to pursue a more entrepreneurial venture, we have special small groups that focus on financial principles for business development and ownership rather than for career development.


  • 12 Weekly Training Calls where athletes are walked through the fundamentals of financial decision making and clearly guided on how to make better decisions that support their true desires
  • 4 Q&A Calls where athletes can come and bring their real-time questions and walk away with actionable items they can use right away
  • Full Access to our financial worksheets and templates to help set up their entire financial success plan.
    Access to our online training modules that make financial education a competitive game where they can compete against their teammates as well as athletes from across the nation
  • Audio recordings and summaries of all training calls available for immediate access following the training and are available for lifetime access
  • Exclusive Access to our Elite Athlete Financial Community for ongoing support, peer recognition, and quick answers to questions that come up as they are implementing the strategies learned
  • A private VIP virtual meeting with our Chief Financial Strategist and Athlete Liaison to launch their program and to follow up after successful completion
  • A certificate of achievement for Financial MVP upon successful completion of the program
    Entry into our Elite Athlete of the Year drawing for a trip to the Caribbean for one winner who meets the minimum qualifications


  • Build a relationship with our team and have support when making big financial decisions
  • Increase likelihood of success after transitioning to life after the game
  • Feel supported and in control of their money
  • Have someone to call when facing big decisions
  • Erase uncertainty and create security
  • Avoid being taken advantage of by dishonest motives
  • Eliminate making mistakes that could have been easily avoided
  • Have a strategy for during and after the game
  • Have a strong support system to help with family dynamics around money


  • Athletes who are more focused and perform better
  • Longevity of athletic careers improved with more secure athletes
  • Recognition as the institution who is changing the stakes on a growing epidemic of poverty
  • Performance measures to help predict athlete success
  • Access to use the ICAFE logo on your site to demonstrate your proactive stance
  • Increased harmony in the athletic program as money stress is reduced
  • Staff can attend workshops for free and gain benefits offered to athletes


The annual fee for ICAFE Institutional Membership is offered at $20,000 per institution. An Institutional Membership provides access to our resources for an unlimited number of athletes, athletic staff, and related academic support per campus. The membership duration is 12 months and begins once the institution registers.

During our beta program, institutional membership is offered at NO CHARGE as a bonus for those institutions who bring us to campus for our one-day workshop at a rate of $7500 plus travel expenses. The beta program rolls out March 15, 2015 and end on September 15, 2015 or once we have signed six campuses should this happen before that date.


The individual tuition for our Money Playbook Program is $2,750 per person, per term. We offer the program three times per year: spring, summer, and fall. Institutional Members receive a $500 per person discount on program tuition at all times throughout the year, for our best price of $2,250 per person, per term.

Note: For college athletes, we are currently accepting sponsor funding. To support an athlete, contact us so we can arrange this and reward our sponsors at our completion ceremonies.

We are also sponsoring one athlete per university we visit upon paid one-day workshop. The athlete can be chosen by the athletic department and should be awarded based on merit.

Please let me know if you have any questions or want to discuss any details. I thank you for your interest and look forward to working with you.

Live Abundantly,


Dr. Crystal D. Gifford, CFP®

President and Founder

International Center for Athletic Financial Education

Phone: 727-560-9997